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Publications by HPC centers and institutes include items from past years such as an early publication written by one of the HPC founding investigators, Dr. Joe Thompson. Numerical Grid Generation was originally published by Elsevier Science Publishing Co., Inc. in 1985, and the copyright was transferred to Joe F. Thompson in 1997.

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Peer-Reviewed Journals
Riffell, S. K., Monroe, A. P., Martin, J., Evans, K. O., Burger, L. W., & Smith, M. (2014). Response of Non-grassland Avian Guilds to Adjacent Herbaceous Field Buffers: Testing Hypotheses about Configuration of Targeted Conservation Practices in Agricultural Landscapes. Journal of Applied Ecology. Pending, Pending. DOI:10.1111/1365-2664.12389. [Abstract]

Cho, H., Smith, A. D., & Mago, P. J. (2014). Combined Cooling, Heating and Power: A Review of Performance Improvement and Optimization. Applied Energy. Elsevier. 136(99), 168-185. DOI:10.1016/j.apenergy.2014.08.107. [Abstract]

Li, S., Tighe, S. W., Nicolet, C., Grove, D., Levy, S., Farmerie, W., Viale, A., Wright, C., Schweitzer, P., Gao, Y., Kim, D., Boland, J., Hicks, B., Kim, R., Changawala, S., Jafari, N., Raghavachari, N., Garcia-Reyero, N., Hendrickson, C., Roberson, D., Rosenfeld, J., Smith, T., Underwood, J., Wang, M., Zumbo, P., Baldwin, D., Grills, G., & Mason, C. (2014). Multi-platform and Cross-methodological Reproducibility of Transcriptome Profiling by RNA-seq in the ABRF Next-Generation Sequencing Study (ABRF-NGS). Nature Biotechnol. 32, 915-925. [Abstract]

Tong, X., Luke, E., & Smith, R. (2014). Numerical Validation of a Near-field Fugitive Dust Model for Vehicles Moving on Unpaved Surfaces. Proc. IMechE, Part D: Journal of Automobile Engineering. SAGE. 228(7), 7520762.

Evans, K. O., Burger, L. W., Riffell, S. K., & Smith, M. D. (2014). Assessing Multi-region Benefits from Strategically Targeted Agricultural Buffers. Conservation Biology. Conservation Biology Institute. 28, 892-901. DOI:10.1111/cobi.12311. [Abstract] [Document]

Evans, K. O., Burger, L. W., Riffell, S. K., Smith, M. D., Twedt, D. J., Wilson, R. R., Vorisek, S., Rideout, C., & Heyden, K. (2014). Avian Response to Conservation Buffers in Agricultural Landscapes during Winter. The Wildlife Society Bulletin. The Wildlife Society. 38, 257-264. DOI:10.1002/wsb.405. [Abstract] [Document]

Ekman, D. R., Ankley, G. T., Blazer, V., Collette, T., Garcia-Reyero, N., Iwanowicz, L., Jorgenson, Z., Lee, K., Miller, D., Perkins, E. J., Smith, E., Tiegte, J., Trowbridge, A., & Villeneuve, D. (2014). Biological Effects-based Tools for Monitoring Impacted Surface Waters in the Great Lakes: a Multi-agency Research Program in Support of the GLRI. Environmental Practice. 15, 409-426. [Abstract]

Peer-Reviewed Conference Papers
Smith, R. L., & Chukkapalli, G. (2014). Hybrid Warm Water Direct Cooling Solution Implementation in CS300-LC. CUG2014. Lugano, Switzerland: Cray User Group, Inc.. [Document Site]

Peer-Reviewed Conference Posters
Sukhija, N., Smith, R. L., & Breckenridge, W. B., III (2014). Impact of Hybrid Warm Water Direct Cooling Solution on Energy Efficiency of a Data Center. ACM. XSEDE14, Conference of the Extreme Science and Engineering Discovery Environment. July 13 - 18, 2014, Atlanta.