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Publications by HPC centers and institutes include items from past years such as an early publication written by one of the HPC founding investigators, Dr. Joe Thompson. Numerical Grid Generation was originally published by Elsevier Science Publishing Co., Inc. in 1985, and the copyright was transferred to Joe F. Thompson in 1997.

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Publications for: Oppedal
Book Chapter
Wang, F., Barrett, C. D., Molodov, K. D., Al-Samman, T., Oppedal, A. L., Molodov, D. A., Kontsos, A., Ramesh, K. T., El Kadiri, H., & Agnew, S. R. (2017). The Effect of {10-12} Twin Boundary on the Evolution of Defect Substructure. In K. N. Solanki, D. Orlov, A. Singh, N. R. Neelameggham (Eds.), Magnesium Technology 2017. San Diego, CA: Springer International Publishing. 175-180. DOI:10.1007/978-3-319-52392-7_27. [Abstract] [Document Site]

Peer-Reviewed Journals
Imandoust, A., Barrett, C. D., Oppedal, A. L., Whittington, W. R., & El Kadiri, H. (2017). Nucleation and Preferential Growth Mechanism of Recrystallization Texture in High Purity Binary Magnesium-rare Earth Alloys. Acta Materialia. Pergamon. 138, 27-41. DOI:10.1016/j.actamat.2017.07.038. [Document Site]

Barrett, C. D., Imandoust, A., Oppedal, A. L., Inal, K., Tschopp, M. A., & El Kadiri, H. (2017). Effect of Grain Boundaries on Texture Formation during Dynamic Recrystallization of Magnesium Alloys. Acta Materialia. Pergamon. 128, 270-283. DOI:10.1016/j.actamat.2017.01.063. [Abstract] [Document Site]

Qiao, H., Guo, X. Q., Oppedal, A. L., El Kadiri, H., Wu, P. D., & Agnew, S. R. (2017). Twin-induced Hardening in Extruded Mg Alloy AM30. Materials Science and Engineering: A. Elsevier. 687, 17--27. DOI:10.1016/j.msea.2016.12.123. [Abstract]