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Publications by HPC centers and institutes include items from past years such as an early publication written by one of the HPC founding investigators, Dr. Joe Thompson. Numerical Grid Generation was originally published by Elsevier Science Publishing Co., Inc. in 1985, and the copyright was transferred to Joe F. Thompson in 1997.

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Publications for: Ervin
Peer-Reviewed Journals
Brooks, C., Lambert, B. H., Sauby, K. E., Ervin, G. N., Varone, L., & Logarzo, G. A. (2014). Larval Morphology and Host Use Confirms Ecotypic Variation in Cactoblastis Cactorum (Berg). Biological Invasions. 16, 13-22. DOI:10.1007/s10530-013-0497-9. [Document Site]

Lucardi, R. D., Wallace, L., & Ervin, G. N. (2014). Evaluating Hybridization as a Potential Facilitator of Successful Cogongrass (Imperata Cylindrica) Invasion in Florida, USA. Biological Invasions. 16, 2147-2161. [Document Site]

Lucardi, R. D., Wallace, L., & Ervin, G. N. (2014). Invasion Success in Cogongrass (Imperata Cylindrica): A Population Genetic Approach Exploring Genetic Diversity and Historical Introductions. Invasive Plant Science and Management. 7, 59-75. [Document Site]

Professional Presentations
Lucardi, R. D., & Ervin, G. N. (2014). Invasion, Part Two: Patterns of Genetic Diversity Following Expansion in the Novel Range. Invasion Genetics: The Baker and Stebbins Legacy Symposium. Asilomar, CA.

Shoemaker, C. M., Kroger, R., & Ervin, G. N. (2014). Assessing the Relative Importance of Environmental Factors at Multiple Scales on Wetland Structure and Function in the Mississippi Delta. Southeastern Natural Resources Graduate Student Symposium. Mississippi State University.