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Publications by HPC centers and institutes include items from past years such as an early publication written by one of the HPC founding investigators, Dr. Joe Thompson. Numerical Grid Generation was originally published by Elsevier Science Publishing Co., Inc. in 1985, and the copyright was transferred to Joe F. Thompson in 1997.

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Peer-Reviewed Journals
Iglay, R. B., Leopold, B. D., Miller, D. A., & Burger, L. W. (2010). Effect of Plant Community Composition on Plant Response to Fire and Herbicide Treatments. Forest Ecology and Management. Elsevier International: Elsevier. 260, 543-548. [Abstract]

Articles in Trade Journals and Popular Press
Singleton, L., Evans, K. O., & Burger, L. W. (2010). CP33 - Habitat Buffers for Upland Birds Payoff for Birds and Farmers. Wildlife Issues. Fall/Winter 2009.