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Publications by HPC centers and institutes include items from past years such as an early publication written by one of the HPC founding investigators, Dr. Joe Thompson. Numerical Grid Generation was originally published by Elsevier Science Publishing Co., Inc. in 1985, and the copyright was transferred to Joe F. Thompson in 1997.

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Peer-Reviewed Journals
Bhushan, S., Walters, K., & Pasiliao, C. L. (2018). Identification of Turbulence Growth Markers for Boundary Layer Bypass Transition Using Direct Numerical Simulation. J. Fluids Eng. 140(11)(2018), 11110.

Eghdami, M., Bhushan, S., & Barros, A. (2018). Direct Numerical Simulations to Investigate Energy Transfer between Meso-and Synoptic Scales. Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences. 75(4), 1163-1171.

Peer-Reviewed Conference Papers
Bhushan, S., Elfajri, O., Jock, W. D., Walters, D. K., Lai, J. K., Hassan, Y. A., Jackson, R. B., Obabko, A., & Merzari, E. (2018). Assessment of RANS, LES, and Hybrid RANS/LES Models for the Prediction of Low-Pr Turbulent Flows. Proceedings of the ASME 2018 5th Joint US-European Fluids Engineering Summer Conference FEDSM2018. Montreal, Canada.

Wang, X., Bhushan, S., Mansoor, B., Luke, E., Sescu, A., Hattori, Y., Thompson, D., & Walters, K. (2018). Dynamic Hybrid RANS/LES Assessment of Sound Generation and Propagation from Flow of a Circular Cylinder. 2018 AIAA/CEAS Aeroacoustics Conference, AIAA AVIATION Forum, (AIAA 2018-3592). Atlanta, GA: AIAA. DOI:10.2514/6.2018-3592. [Abstract]

Bhushan, S., Thompson, D., O'Doherty, D., O'Doherty, T., & Mason-Jones, A. (2018). A Physics-Based Actuator Disk Model for Hydrokinetic Turbines. 2018 Fluid Dynamics Conference, AIAA AVIATION Forum, (AIAA 2018-3227). Atlanta, GA: AIAA. DOI:10.2514/6.2018-3227. [Abstract]

Bhushan, S., Yoon, H., Stem, F., Guilmineau, E., Visonneau, M., Toxopeus, S., Simonsen, C., Aram, S., Kim, S. E., & Grigoropoulos, G. (2018). Assessment of CFD for Surface Combatant 5415 at Straight Ahead and Static Drift. Selected papers from NATO Advanced Vehicle Technology Working Groups AVT-183 and AVT-216. Mississippi State University: JFE Special Issue.

Haywood, J. S., Sescu, A., Bhushan, S., Foster, J., & Farthing, M. (2018). Towards a More Realistic Triple Hill's Vortex Synthetic Eddy Method for LES of Wall-Bounded Flows. 2018 AIAA Aerospace Sciences Meeting. AIAA SciTech Forum. AIAA(2018), 0837.

Bhushan, S. (2018). Temporal Direct Numerical Simulation for Flat-Plate Boundary Layer Bypass Transition. Physics of Fluids. Mississippi State University.

Robinson, B. M., Bhushan, S., & Rush, S. (2018). Exploring Aquatic Animal Ecology Through Isotopes And Biofluid Analysis. Mississippi Academy of Sciences, Eighty First Annual Meeting. University of Southern Mississippi.

Haywood, J. S., Sescu, A., Bhushan, S., Foster, J., & Farthing, M. (2018). Towards a More Realistic Triple Hill's Vortex Synthetic Method for LES of Wall Bounded Flows. Proceedings of AIAA Scitech Forum. Kissimmee, FL.

Peer-Reviewed Conference Posters
Nag, G., Robinson, B. M., & Bhushan, S. (2018). Hydrodynamics of Turtle Shells. Mississippi Academy of Sciences, MAS 2018. University of Southern Mississippi.

Non-Refereed Conference Papers
Hubbard, G. A., Bhushan, S., Wang, X., Burgreen, GW, & Kees, C. (2018). Validation of Plunging Breakng Wave CFD Predictions. 30th Int Conf on Parallel Comp Flu Dyn (Parallel CFD2018). Indianapolis, IN.

Professional Presentations
Elfajri, O., & Bhushan, S. (2018). Numerical Predictions of Hydrokinetic Turbine Wake and Free Surface Signatures. he Mississippi Academy of Science 82nd Annual Meeting. University of Southern Mississippi. [Abstract]