Publication Abstract

Multiple Observational Platform Analysis of Recent Gulf Hurricanes

Hill, C. M., Lau, Y. H., & Fitzpatrick, P. J. (2011). Multiple Observational Platform Analysis of Recent Gulf Hurricanes. 2011 Northern Gulf Institute Annual Meeting. Mobile, AL.


In federal government operations, meteorological observations of hurricanes and their surrounding environment are gathered for the purpose of diagnosing hurricane intensity and structure and to assimilate this information into numerical model simulations of hurricanes. Improvement in the analysis and forecasting of hurricane intensity and structure is a high priority in government operations. Within this study, a variety of currently available observations are used in hindsight analyses of hurricanes and their environment with the intent of developing analytical techniques to improve the diagnosis of hurricane structure. Observations used in the analyses include traditional surface- and aircraft-based data, as well as newer satellite-based data such as multiple infrared radiance and GPS radio occultation. Analysis work of recent Gulf hurricanes will be presented.