Publication Abstract

Education and Outreach Activities at the Northern Gulf Institute

Ritchie, J. B., Miller-Way, T., Dannreuther, N. M., Carron, M., Harding, J. M., & Lartigue, J. (2010). Education and Outreach Activities at the Northern Gulf Institute. Eos Trans. AGU, Ocean Sci. Meet. Suppl.. Portland, OR: American Geophysical Union. 91(26).


The Northern Gulf Institute (NGI) is a partnership of five complementary academic research institutions and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. NGI provides regional leadership in integrative research and education to improve the resiliency and conservation of the northern Gulf of Mexico region. A NOAA cooperative institute, NGI was founded in 2006 on the principle of integrated collaborative research with NOAA on a regional ecosystem-based level in the northern Gulf. NGI conducts research and outreach in four major focus areas: ecosystem management, coastal hazards and resiliency, geospatial data integration and visualization, and climate change/climate variability effects on the northern Gulf ecosystem. Fostering interdisciplinary teams of scientists from multiple agencies and universities is a hallmark of the Institute. Led by Mississippi State University, the NGI consortium includes Dauphin Island Sea Lab, Florida State University, Louisiana State University, and the University of Southern Mississippi. The NGI Program Office is located at Stennis Space Center in Mississippi. Collaborative research and alliances with relevant state and federal entities in the region maintain our focus on the best science driven by state and federal policy and ecosystem-based management decision needs. We will address various NGI activities demonstrating our strong commitment to an integrated education and outreach program. Partners take innovative approaches to environmental literacy, workforce development, student research assignments, and outreach to students at university career programs. By relaying NGI findings in an understandable and accessible manner, NGI provides research relevant to its stakeholders and the citizens of the northern Gulf of Mexico.