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Mississippi State Alumni Named Associate Directors of Research Institute

November 2, 2017

Falls and HamIn moves that exemplify Mississippi State University's diverse approach to academic and research excellence, the Institute for Systems Engineering Research appointed Michael A. Hamilton as the associate director of data science, and Terril C. (TC) Falls as the associate director of software design and development.

Hamilton, a Mississippi State alum, brings a wealth of knowledge to the research institute. His education credits include doctoral, master's and bachelor's degrees in industrial and systems engineering from Mississippi State and a graduate certificate in modeling, simulation, and visualization engineering from Old Dominion University.

He also received two certifications in big data analytics from the University of California, San Diego and data science from John Hopkins University.

Hamilton provides ISER with technical leadership of research in data analytics, data visualization, virtual/augmented software products, modeling and simulation, and human system engineering. He will also provide oversight and management of budgets and personnel as well as develop and enhance relationships with federal, state and local governments and private sector partners. In the absence of the MSU ISER director, he will provide on-site leadership for the organization.

On the software design and development side, Falls, also an MSU alumnus with a Bachelor of Science in civil engineering, has spent his career as a civil research engineer for the Mobility Systems Branch, Geotechnical and Structures Laboratory, and U.S. Army Engineer Research and Development Center (ERDC). He brings over 30 years of experience in research, design, and development of vehicle mobility modeling, modeling and simulation, command and control, terrain analysis and military logistics. Throughout his career, Falls' significant research contributions to the Army have been recognized through his receipt of the Herbert D. Vogel Engineer of the Year award, Superior Civilian Service Award, Dr. Wilbur B. Payne Memorial Award for Army Operational Research and the Meritorious Civilian Service Award.

Falls provides the ISER with significant knowledge and technical leadership of software design and development for Army fielded and deployed software products. He'll use his senior research experience to bring technical solutions to complex research problems and will be responsible for developing and enhancing relationships with federal, state, local government and private sector partners. In the absence of the MSU ISER director, he will provide on-site leadership for the organization.

Randy Jones, the director of ISER, discussed the leadership skills these two talented individuals have brought to the team: "We have been very fortunate to have them as part of our leadership in ISER and supporting our technology vision. Mike and TC have been working as our technology leadership team in developing our research strategy and implementing our research vision across our areas of interest. They both have been very successful in securing funding for these areas and building research teams within the ERDC and on campus with the Bagley College of Engineering, the Math Department and Art Department."

For more information about ISER, please visit www.iser.msstate.edu.