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Pechanova Joins IGBB's Big Three

December 17, 2015

Story PhotoThe Institute for Genomics, Biocomputing & Biotechnology (IGBB) welcomes Dr. Olga Pechanova as its principal proteomics research associate. Dr. Pechanova has B.S. and M.S. degrees in biochemistry/enzymology from Comenius University (Slovak Republic) and a Ph.D. in molecular biology (specialty: proteomics) from Mississippi State University. After two postdoctoral fellowships at MSU, Dr. Pechanova joined the Mississippi State Chemical Laboratory in 2010. "Olga brings outstanding scientific credentials and a wealth of practical knowledge to the IGBB," notes IGBB director Daniel Peterson. "Additionally, her work with the State Chem Lab has given her considerable experience in service and customer relations. I think Olga is the perfect fit for this job, and I am so glad that she has joined the IGBB team!"

Dr. Pechanova joins fellow research associates Dr. Chuan-Yu Hsu (Genomics) and Mr. Tony Arick (Biocomputing) to form what Dr. Peterson refers to as the IGBB's 'Big Three.' "Dr. Hsu, Dr. Pechanova, and Mr. Arick are the IGBB's primary genomics, proteomics, and computational biology experts, respectively," Peterson notes. "They are the institute's 'free' advisors to MSU scientists, its research 'guns for hire,' its lab and technology experts, and its primary service providers. Their importance to the infrastructure of the modern IGBB cannot be overstated."

For more information on the IGBB and its operations, see www.igbb.msstate.edu.