Name:John Usher
Associated Centers:Center for Advanced Vehicular Systems
Email: jmu1@msstate.edu
Office:McCain Engineering Building, 260
Office Phone:(662) 325-7624

Publications: Usher, J., McCool, R. A., Strawderman, L. (2015). Modeling Pedestrian Traffic in the Presence of Unmanned Mobile Robots. 2015 Industrial and Systems Engineering Research Conference. Nashville, TN.

Grabenstetter, D., & Usher, J. (2015). Sequencing Jobs in an Engineer to Order Engineering Environment. Production & Manufacturing Research. 3(1), 201-217. DOI:10.1080/21693277.2015.1035461. [Document Site]

Grabenstetter, D., & Usher, J. (2014). Developing Due Date in an Engineer to Order Engineering Environment. International Journal of Production Research. 52(21), 6349-6361.

Usher, J., & Behrends, J. A. (2014). Aircraft Gate Assignment: Intergrating Freight Movement and Aircraft Taxiing. Proceedings of the 2014 Industrial and Systems Egnineering Research Conference. Montreal, Quebec. CD-ROM.

Liu, X., Usher, J., & Strawderman, L. (2014). An Analysis of Activity Scheduling Behavior for Airport Travelers. Computers and Industrial Engineering. 74, 208-218.

Total Publications by this Author: 41