Name:Haley Doude
Associated Centers:Center for Advanced Vehicular Systems
Email: haley@cavs.msstate.edu
Office:Center for Advanced Vehicular Systems, 2218
Office Phone:(662) 325-9235

Publications: Seifi, S. H., Tian, W., Doude, H., Tschopp, M. A., & Bian, L. (2019). Layer-Wise Modeling and Anomaly Detection for Laser-Based Additive Manufacturing. Journal of Manufacturing Science and Engineering. ASME. 141(8), 12. [Document Site]

Jelinek, B., Young, W. J., II, Doude, H., & Priddy, M. W. (2019). Two-dimensional Thermal Finite Element Model of Directed Energy Deposition. FEniCS'19. Washington D.C.. [Abstract] [Document Site]

Khanzadeh, M., Tian, W., Yadollahi, A., Doude, H., Tschopp, M. A., & Bian, L. (2018). Dual Process Monitoring of Metal-based Additive Manufacturing Using Tensor Decomposition of Thermal Image Streams. Additive Manufacturing. 23, 443-456.

Yadollahi, A., Mahtabi, M. J., Khalili, A., Doude, H., & Newman, J., Jr. (2018). Fatigue-Life Prediction of Additively Manufactured Material: Effects of Surface Roughness, Defect Size and Shape. International Journal of Fatigue. Online, Online.

Hammi, Y., Stone, T.W., Doude, H., Allison, P., & Horstemeyer, M. (2018). Chapter 6: Steel Powder Metal Modeling. In M.F. Horstemeyer (Ed.), Integrated Computational Materials Engineering (ICME) for Metals: Concepts and Case Studies. John Wiley & Sons. 137-.

Total Publications by this Author: 10