Name:Farshid Vahedifard
Associated Centers:Center for Advanced Vehicular Systems
Email: farshid@cee.msstate.edu
Office:Walker Engineering Building, 235C

Research Interest: Geotechnical engineering; Analytical and numerical methods in geomechanics; Thermo-Hydro-Mechanical modeling of geo-materials, quantitative assessment of resilience of critical infrastructure to extreme events under a changing climate, geo-energy modeling (e.g., carbon sequestration, and CO2-EOR); Induced seismicity; Reinforced earth structures; Geosynthetics; Variably saturated earth structures; Remote sensing and GIS applications in natural and man-made hazard assessment and health monitoring of geo-systems (e.g., dams, levees); Micromechanical modeling of granular materials; Design of embankment dams and levee systems, mobility modeling in soil.

Publications: Robinson, J. D., Vahedifard, F., & AghaKouchak, A. (2015). Possible Weakening Processes Imposed on California's Earthen Levees under Protracted Drought. 2015 AGU Fall Meeting. San Francisco, CA. [Document Site]

Parisi, M., Vahedifard, F., & Mazzola, M. (2015). Further Advances of CO2-EOR by Promoting a "Triple-E" Approach: Energy Security, Environmental Quality, and Economic Viability. 2015 Carbon Management Technology Conference (CMTC 2015). Sugar Land, TX. DOI:10.7122/439549-MS.

Vahedifard, F., Leshchinsky, B., Mortezaei, K., & Lu, N. (2015). Active Earth Pressures for Unsaturated Retaining Structures. Journal of Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Engineering. American Society of Civil Engineers. 141(11), 04015048. DOI:10.1061/(ASCE)GT.1943-5606.0001356.

Mortezaei, K., & Vahedifard, F. (2015). Impact of Thermal Pressurization on Fluid Pressure Build up in Carbon Capture and Storage Projects. Proc. 2015 Carbon Management Technology Conference (CMTC 2015). Sugar Land, TX.

Vahedifard, F., Robinson, J. D., Mason, G. L., Howard, I. L., & Priddy, J. D. (2015). A Data Mining Study for Analyzing Performance of Wheeled Vehicles Operating on Dry Sand. Proceedings of the 13th ISTVS European Conference. Rome, Italy: ISBN 978-1-942112-46-4: CD-ROM. 460-473.

Total Publications by this Author: 44