Name:Hugh Richard Medal
Associated Centers:High Performance Computing Collaboratory
Distributed Analytics and Security Institute
Email: hugh.medal@msstate.edu
Office:McCain Engineering Building, 269K
Office Phone:(662) 325-3923

Publications: Vadlamani, S., Medal, H., Eksioglu, B., & Li, P. (2014). Security in Wireless Networks: An Operations Research Oriented Tutorial. In S. Butenko, E.L. Pasiliao, V. Shylo (Eds.), Examining Robustness and Vulnerability of Networked Systems. IOS Press. 37, 272-288.

Nandi, A., & Medal, H. (2014). Optimal Allocation of Security Resources: Analyzing the Security- Efficiency-Cost Tradeoff. Montreal, CA.

Medal, H., Vadlamani, S., & Eksioglu, B. (2014). The Wireless Network Jamming Problem Subject to Protocol Interference. Montreal, CA.

Hernandez, I., Ramirez-Marquez, J. E., Rainwater, C., Pohl, E., & Medal, H. (2014). Robust Facility Location: Hedging Against Failures. Reliability Engineering & System Safety. 123, 73-80. [Abstract] [Document Site]

Vadlamani, S., Medal, H., Eksioglu, B., & Li, P. (2014). A Bilevel Programming Model for the Wireless Network Jamming Placement Problem. Proceedings of the Industrial Engineering Research Conference. Montreal, CA.

Total Publications by this Author: 20