Name:Tibor Pechan
Associated Centers:Institute for Genomics, Biocomputing and Biotechnology
Email: pechan@ra.msstate.edu
Office:Pace Seed Lab, 111
Office Phone:(662) 325-3184

Research Interest: Applying techniques of mass spectrometry for understanding of proteomes and metabolomes of variety organism ranging from bacteria to humans. Main area of expertise is plant proteomics and corn-pathogen interaction, but current research also includes theoretical computational chemistry, and modeling of oil spill effects on marine life.

Publications: Takac, T., Samajova, O., Vadovic, P., Pechan, T., Kosutova, P., Ovecka, M., Husickova, A., Komis, G., & Samaj, J. (2014). Proteomic and Biochemical Analyses Show a Functional Network of Proteins Involved in Antioxidant Defense of the Arabidopsis Anp2anp3 Double Mutant. J Proteome Res.. Epub ahead of print], Epub ahead of p. [Document Site]

Takac, T., Pechan, T., Samajova, O., & Samaj, J. (2014). Integrative Chemical Proteomics and Cell Biology Methods to Study Endocytosis and Vesicular Trafficking in Arabidopsis. Plant Endosomes. Springer New York. DOI:10.1007/978-1-4939-1420-3_20.

Pechanova, O., Rodriguez, J., Williams, W. P., & Pechan, T. (2014). Differential Metabolomics of Cob Tissues from Maize Genotypes Resistant and Susceptible to Aflatoxin Accumulation. American Society for Mass Spectrometry Annual Meeting. Baltimore, MD.

Pechan, T., & Gwaltney, S. R. (2014). Fundamental Predictions of Ion Intensities in Tandem Mass Spectra of Three Pentapeptides. American Society for Mass Spectrometry Annual Meeting. Baltimore, MD.

Smékalová, V., Luptoviak, I., Komis, G., Samajova, O., Ovecka, M., Doskocilova, A., Takac, T., Vadovic, P., Novak, O., Pechan, T., Ziemann, A., Kosutova, P., & Samaj, J. (2014). Involvement of YODA and Mitogen Activated Protein Kinase 6 in Arabidopsis Post-embryogenic Root Development through Auxin Up-regulation and Cell Division Plane Orientation. New Phytologist. 203(4), 1175-93. DOI:10.1111/nph.12880.. [Document Site]

Total Publications by this Author: 27