Name:Lakiesha Williams
Associated Centers:Center for Advanced Vehicular Systems
Email: lakiesha@cavs.msstate.edu
Office:Center for Advanced Vehicular Systems, 220 Ag & Bio Eng. Bldg
Office Phone:(662) 325-0205

Publications: Szasz, T., Kovach, A., Bulla, S., Liao, J., Williams, Lakiesha N., Bulla, C., & Prabhu, R. (2014). Drug Delivery via Magnetic Nanoparticles: Pioneering Treatment of Osteosacroma. Biomedical Engineering Society Annual Conference. San Antonio, TX.

Murphy, M., Horstemeyer, M., Gwaltney, S. R., Liao, J., Williams, Lakiesha N., & Prabhu, R. (2014). POPC Phospholipid Bilayer Failure Under Strip Biaxial Stretching Using Molecular Dynamics. Biomedical Engineering Society Annual Conference. San Antonio, TX.

Prabhu, R., Mao, Y., Marin, E., Williams, Lakiesha N., Liao, J., & Horstemeyer, M. (2012). Novel Simulation-Based Analysis of the Biomechanics of Blast-Related Traumatic Brain Injury (bTBI). BMES 2012 Annual Meeting. Atlanta, GA. [Document]

Begonia, M., Prabhu, R., Liao, J., Horstemeyer, M., & Williams, Lakiesha N. (2010). The Influence of Strain Rate Dependency on the Structure-property Relations of Porcine Brain. ANNALS OF BIOMEDICAL ENGINEERING. 38(10), 3043-3057. [Abstract] [Document Site]

Prabhu, R., Horstemeyer, M., McCollum, M., Whittington, W. R., Bouvard, J.-L., Sherburn, J. A., Williams, Lakiesha N., Marin, E., & Liao, J. (2010). Traumatic Brain Injury: Coupled Experiment/Finite Element Simulation On High Rate Mechanical Response Of Porcine Brain. Proceedings of the ASME 2010 Summer Bioengineering Conference (SBC2010). Naples, Florida, USA: ASME.

Total Publications by this Author: 58