Name:Song Zhang
Associated Centers:Geosystems Research Institute
Center for Computational Sciences
Distributed Analytics and Security Institute
Email: szhang@cse.msstate.edu
Office:Butler Hall, 326 Butler Hall
Office Phone:(662) 325-7510

Research Interest: Scientific Visualization, Uncertainty in Data, Graphics, Medical Imaging

Publications: Wu, K., & Zhang, S. (2014). Feature-Based Uncertainty Visualization. In Dr. Mao Lin Huang and Dr. Weidong Huang (Eds.), Innovative Approaches of Data Visualization and Visual Analytics. IGI Global. 69-94.

Begonia, M., Prabhu, R., Liao, J., Whittington, W. R., Claude, A., Willeford, B., Wardlaw, J., Wu, R., Zhang, S., & Williams, Lakiesha N. (2014). Quantitative Analysis of Brain Microstructure Following Mild Blunt and Blast Trauma. Journal of Biomechanics. 56(2011), 1398-1411. DOI:10.1016/j.jbiomech.2014.09.026.

Camacho, R. A., Martin, James L., Diaz-Ramirez, J., McAnally, W. H., Rodriguez, H., Suscy, P., & Zhang, S. (2014). Uncertainty Analysis of Estuarine Hydrodynamic Models: an Evaluation of Input Data Uncertainty in the Weeks Bay Estuary, Alabama. Applied Ocean Research. 47, 138-153.

Chen, W., Zhang, S., & Lu, A. (2013). Foundations of Data Visualization. Foundations of Data Visualization. China: Science Press.

Mercer, A., Dyer, J., & Zhang, S. (2013). Warm-season Thermodynamically-driven Rainfall Prediction with Support Vector Machines. Procedia Computer Science. Missouri University of Science and Technology. 20, 128-133. DOI:10.1016/j.procs.2013.09.250.

Total Publications by this Author: 85