Name:Kalyan Kumar Srinivasan (Kalyan)
Associated Centers:Center for Advanced Vehicular Systems
Email: srinivasan@me.msstate.edu
Office:Carpenter Hall, 202
Office Phone:(662) 325-6710

Publications: Krishnan, S. R., Srinivasan, K. K., & Raihan, M. S. (2016). The effect of injection parameters and boost pressure on diesel-propane dual fuel low temperature combustion in a single-cylinder research engine. Fuel. 184, 490-502. DOI:10.1016/j.fuel.2016.07.042. [Abstract]

Mahabadipour, H., Srinivasan, K. K., & Krishnan, S. R. (2016). Lost Available IMEP: A Second-Law-Based Performance Parameter for IC Engines. Proceedings of the 2016 ASME Internal Combustion Engine Fall Technical Conference. Greenville, SC: ASME. [Abstract]

Guerry, E. S., Raihan, M. S., Srinivasan, K. K., Krishnan, S. R., & Sohail, A. (2016). Injection Timing Effects on Partially Premixed Diesel-methane Dual Fuel Low Temperature Combustion. Applied Energy. 162, 99-113. [Abstract]

Krishnan, S. R., Srinivasan, K. K., & Stegmeir, M. (2015). Characterization of Diesel Combustion in a Rapid Compression-expansion Machine Using OH* Chemiluminescence Imaging,. Bulletin of the American Physical Society; Presented at the 68th APS Division of Fluid Dynamics Meeting. Boston, MA: American Physical Society. 60.

Papagiannakis, R. G., Hountalas, D. T., Krishnan, S. R., Srinivasan, K. K., Rakopoulos, D. C., & Rakopoulos, C. D. (2015). A Numerical Evaluation of the Effects of Compression Ratio and Diesel Fuel Injection Timing on the Performance and Emissions of a Fumigated Natural Gas - Diesel, Dual Fuel Engine. Trans. ASCE: Journal of Energy Engineering. Manuscript # EYENG-1134. 142(2), xx. [Abstract]

Total Publications by this Author: 70